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Remember when Michelle Tanner was the most adorable child actress on television? I would watch Full House with my younger sister and laugh every time she quipped, “You got it, Dude!” I could hardly believe it when I found out the role of Michelle was played by twins, and despite looking exactly alike, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins. What does all this twin talk have to do with Fancy Fig Photography? Recently, I was able to spend the afternoon with the current-day dynamic duo — identical twins, Max & Leo! They are well-behaved, funny, smart, kind, and downright gorgeous! And just like the show Full House, these two are based in the San Francisco Bay Area! It was honor and pleasure photographing the two of them to update their acting & modeling headshots and we even got a few editorial shots to add to their portfolio. As you can tell in the following portraits, these two were so much fun to work with. The two are available for film, commercial, and print. They have their work permits and are represented by Boom! Models & Talent. If you are a model or actor and are looking to update your photos, or if you are an agency looking for a photographer to update your clients’ images, please email me at or use the CONTACT link above. I look forward to working with you soon!

First, I took some head shots to display their fun, spunky, personalities…San Francisco Twin Boy Child Model Actor Headshots editorial-1
Then we had a little fun on the dock as the boys showed off how well they interact with each other. I love every single one of these images and cannot pick a favorite!San Francisco Twin Boy Child Model Actor Headshots editorial-2

I photographed this little angel while she was still in utero, and you can see those pictures here, but would you just look at this little one?! Isn’t she precious? She put up a bit of a fight before falling asleep (I think she wanted to push all the buttons on my camera), but once she fell asleep, we got some beautiful photos of her. Don’t you agree?