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Kelley Mickwee, Elijah Ford, Marc Ford, and Their Bands Take the Stage at Threadgill’s

My website is about to become overwhelmed (in the very best way, of course!) with wedding photos, but before I do that, I want to share with you some fun shots of a great show I photographed the other night. The evening started out with Kelley Mickwee serenading us and moved on to Elijah Ford and then Marc Ford. This evening at Threadgill’s wrapped up a seven-week, 12-million-mile tour which also started in Austin at The Sahara Lounge (you can see my photos from that show here).

You can listen to Marc’s album HERE¬†on itunes (my favorite song from the album is In You).

I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them, and if you’d like to know more about me, my photography, or my availability for live shows, portraits, or weddings, please contact me using the CONTACT button above.

KelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillKelleyMickweeMarcElijahFordThreadgillAnd my very favorite shot from the night (although I’m pretty keen on the two just above this one).


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